website r5a _ Last Modified 11/07


- Home is now "r2" __ with tagline moved above glass, Headline copy moved up & condensed slightly so it sees the tagline when it first loads at the top now, instead of the bottom,  on an ipad or a smaller computer screen

- Portfolio is now "r2" __ can now click the images in the columns, to now take you to the collage Food, Bev, Chefs & Venues Page on MOBILE SCREEN. MUST Create a button within desktop interface, 0 opacity, no text, no border, no border pixels. Then go to the mobile interface, the buttons created are at the bottom of scroll, go down get a button a SMALLER THAN THE IMAGE ON MOBILE YOU WANT TO "ATTACH" IT TO, drag it into the image column frame, and the interface will pop up to say "ATTACH" the buttons that are attached to the columns are denoted at the left side of the mobile interface, that is how you know it connected and will work.

- About Page _ moved logo up so that it will show on the ipad when first loading.

Contact Page _ moved body copy to the left, so it is not too close or touching the image on the ipad.

- About _ made body copy 14pt on the mobile interface, instead of 16